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About Taki

   Tongan Roots fueled by Passion   

Growing up in Tonga the ancient art and craft of tattooing (tātatau) has always been a big part of my culture.  My initial exposure to tattooing started back in 2006 a decade after getting my first tattoo. I was asked by an uncle of  mine if I could give him a tātatau, picking up that homemade machine and ink made from the bark of mangroves and hibiscus trees by the house, sets the path for this journey. It was never easy but with much determination I was able to slowly build up my skills and techniques into the artist that I am today. 

I did broaden the horizon when I moved out here to Utah in 2008, and still wanting to pursue my passion with art while working other jobs to make ends meet. I worked at Samoa Ink and I was able to learn from other artists as well as being mentored by ‘Afa Cocker a well known tattoo artist that resides in Los Angeles. I am so blessed with this talent and I want to share it with everyone that is around me. After years of working on the craft, I was able to finally open up Fala O Niuvakai that will help me share who I am and be able to do what I love.

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